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Tax Refund Calculator 2019 - 2020

Tax Season ToolsAs the new year approaches and tax season kicks in, I find myself in a bit of a haze every year wondering what the outlook is for my income tax refund. Fortunately, over the years I have been using a tax refund calculator to ease my mind ahead of time and calculate my tax refund estimate early to relieve stress.

Most tax refund calculators on the market today are able to give a reasonably accurate estimate after a tax filer answers a few questions about income and deductions. This information is then processed by using tax rate formulas for that tax year being filed. These calculator tools are fairly accurate at giving you a reasonably close estimate of your tax liability based on the data you provide.

Information required for you tax refund calculation includes how much you earned over the tax year, and what taxes have already been paid through paycheck withholding or quarterly payments. These items provide the basic details needed for calculating your tax refund or how much you owe. The tax refund calculator result allows you to start planning for meeting your tax liability.

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A tax refund calculator is a great tool when it's time to get a head start on preparing for any tax liability you may have with your federal tax bill. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not very friendly when the tax filing due date comes up and you don't have enough cash to pay your tax bill in full. In this case penalties and interest usually apply. One way to avoid this is to be sure your employee withholdings are updated every year to match you personal living status.

The information that the tax refund calculator requires is limited to general information and does not require personal identification information. There is no need to worry about entering your name, social security number, or any other information that does not pertain specifically to the refund calculation. This allows anyone to use a tax refund calculator anonymously as many time as you like throughout the year.

Using a tax refund calculator throughout the year allow you to make adjustments to your tax payments so that your not paying in too much or too little.

Many tax refund calculator products are available for free through major tax preparation companies like TurboTax and H&R Block. These are great choices for tax calculators since these tools generally take much more than the tax brackets and rates into account when calculating your tax refund. Several additional tax figures are used to come up with total taxes due such as: Medicare Tax, Social Security, income tax and many available deductions for lowering your tax bill.